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Weber Workshops The EG-1 80mm Flat Burr Coffee Grinder Black - includes shipping and taxes

Weber Workshops The EG-1 80mm Flat Burr Coffee Grinder Black - includes shipping and taxes

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Weber Workshops The EG-1 80mm Flat Burr Coffee Grinder

The goal was to build the perfect flat mill. No retention. Perfect for filters, perfect for espresso. The EG-1 is the result. Your search is over.
From espresso to coffee making, the EG-1 is Weber Workshops' premium 80mm flat grind disc coffee grinder for specialty coffee, now upgraded to the Mk.3 edition.

The EG-1 Mk.3 comes standard with Weber Workshops' magnetically attached CORE grinder set, suitable for everything from filters to espresso.

5 Micron Stepped Adjustment

Easy to switch between filter and espresso grind levels. This allows for easy switching between coffee types and brewing methods without the hassle and waste of cleaning and rinsing a grinder/resetting the grinder.

Variable RPM

EG-1 was the first coffee grinder in the industry to offer variable speeds in 2015, and it has gotten smarter and better over the years. A PID controller detects the hardness of your beans and throttles the electrons accordingly to best achieve your target speed in real time.

Simple, uncomplicated cleaning

The cleaning process for the EG-1 is simple. The grinding chamber can be opened, thoroughly cleaned and resealed in about 30 seconds. The upper and lower funnel caps form a clam shell grinding chamber and are secured together with sets of strong rare earth (neodymium) magnets.

Cleaning button

New in v3, a purge button in the center of the RPM selector has two functions. From a stop it rotates the grinding disks backwards before briefly rotating them at MAX. This can remove any foreign matter or unroasted beans that may have jammed the grinder and clean the last granules of the leftover coffee. Pressing the button while grinding gives a temporary MAX pulse. This is the simplest and cleanest mill in the world.

80mm grinding discs

The EG-1 comes standard with Weber Workshops' magnetically mounted CORE set, which can be used for everything from filter coffee to espresso. They are magnetically mounted and do not have the screw holes often seen on disc snitch setups, which can be a collection point for old coffee.

EGBlind shaker

Shaking helps reduce static, decrease channeling and increase extraction yield with each espresso shot. It also cleans the workflow and keeps the powder off the countertop. Invented by Weber Workshops, used by barista champions worldwide.

EG-1 grinder, silver

90V-240V compatible. CE certified.

Endgame, Titan Class Single Dose Coffee Grinder.

One EG-1 unit, silver

Blind shaker, color coordinated with the device.

A solid oak EG-1 plate (centers the blind shaker itself)

A scuff-resistant leather pad for the replacement blind shaker (self-aligning shaker sits on the rear shelf of the base)

Replacement wiper blades (5 sets)

A cleaning brush with a solid rosewood handle.

A 1.8 m long electrical cable with CH fixed adapter

Product dimensions

235 mm deep, 245 mm wide, 456 mm high (13.5 kg)

(9.25" x 11" x 18") (30 pounds)

Shipping dimensions

58 x 42 x 42cm (20kg)

23" x 17" x 17" (44 pounds)

Input voltage

90-240V (compatible worldwide)


385W -315W

We are an official Weber Workshops reseller

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