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Espazzola cleaning tool black 2+3-58

Espazzola cleaning tool black 2+3-58

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Many have been using the well-known Espazzola-2-58 with enthusiasm for years.

For even more machines:
The Espazzola-2-58 has two fixed cams - and therefore does not fit in all brewing groups.

With the new Espazzola-2+3-58, you decide how many cams are mounted on the cup: Clips made of stainless steel wire are clipped into specially designed places in the cup wall.
You easily adjust the Espazzola to the shape of your portafilter.
The size remains the same. Of course, the new Espazzola-2+3-58 still fits in all machines that are compatible with the well-known Espazzola-2-58.

The nock clamps of the Espazzola-2+3-58 are made of resilient stainless steel wire, so they are much less sensitive, even when used vigorously. And should a clip break, you can easily and quickly replace it.

The holding pockets in the cup of the new Espazzola-2+3-58 are much deeper and grip the membrane better; slipping out is almost impossible.

Optimized membrane:
The membrane of the new Espazzola-2+3-58 has been given a new shape. It now adapts even better to the shower. In addition, the new membrane rewards you with a longer service life!

New water flow:
With the old Espazzola-2-58, the dirty water was led into the drip tray on the outside of the guide ribs. Sometimes a splash went wrong.
With the new Espazzola-2+3-58, the dirty water is collected in a funnel under the cup and drained off in a controlled manner near the tip of the funnel. Experience even easier and cleaner cleaning of your brew group.

Compatible with brew groups with a tamper diameter of 56-58mm and an outside diameter of the portafilter of 69mm or more.

This applies to most professional and semi-professional machines from the following manufacturers: Astoria, Bezzera, Cimbali, Faema, ECM, Marzocco, Profitec, Rancilio, Rocket, Slayer, Wega and others.

The Espazzola-2+3-58 is a professional tool to clean the brew group of espresso machines. It is hung in the brew group like a portafilter and uses the hot water from the machine to thoroughly and comprehensively remove coffee residue from all surfaces. Instead of laboriously brushing out the brew group by hand, the machine almost cleans itself.
The Espazzola consists of a stiff cup part that can be hung in the brew group like a portafilter. A flexible insert is fixed in this cup - the membrane.
The flexible membrane adapts to the brew group. All areas in this twisted and hot part are wiped at once - right up to the gasket and into the groove for the portafilter cams!
At the same time, the hot water from the espresso machine is used to thoroughly rinse the brew group. It is safely guided over the rim of the cup into the drip tray.
With this intelligent principle, cleaning all surfaces in the brewing group takes less than 20 seconds and is as easy as making an espresso. And that without a lot of spills or burned fingers! The espresso machine almost cleans itself.

Clamp the espazzola into the brew group like a portafilter.
Start drawing off hot water.
Slightly move the espazzola back and forth.
As soon as the water running out becomes clear, the hot water supply can be stopped.
Unhook the espazzola and empty out the remaining water.

Bezzera Hobby, year of manufacture up to and including 2014: Espazzola does not fit because the brew group is too narrow.

Gaggia CC: Difficult to insert into narrow brewing group bell at first.

Hand lever machines: Initially difficult to insert into the narrow brewing group bell.

Reneka: It probably works, but needs more testing.

Ascaso Dream, Arc and Basic: Espazzola does not fit because the bell of the brewing group is too narrow. But Ascaso Dream PID fits!

Breville (also known under the 'Sage' brand, all machines): Espazzola does not fit because the hot water spout is behind the brew group.

Decent espresso: Espazzola doesn't fit because the hot water spout is behind the brewing group.

GRAEF (all machines): Espazzola doesn't fit because the bell of the brewing group is pulled down at the back.

Illy Francis, Francis!: Espazzola doesn't fit because the bell of the brew group is too narrow.

La Pavoni, Domus Bar and Domus Casa: Espazzola does not fit because the bell of the brew group is too narrow.

Lelit Anna (PL41LEM, PL41EM, PL41QE), Anita (PL042TEMD, PL042EMI, PL042LM, PL042QE), Diana (PL60R1), Grace (PL81T): Espazzola doesn't fit because the brew group's bell is too narrow.

Vibiemme Lollo: Espazzola does not fit because there is no space behind the brew group.

QuickMill 03035, 02820, 02835, 03004, 03035 'Pegaso', 03035 PID, 0820, 0835, 3130, 3135, 3140, 3145, 3230, 3235, 3240, 3245, 'Pippa', 'Silvano', 'Silvano'5, 03000 : Espazzola collides with guide pins in brew group.

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