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Flair Espresso

Flair 58 Hard Travel Case

Flair 58 Hard Travel Case

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Purchase Flair's Hard Travel Case to take your Flair 58, or 58 Plus anywhere you need to brew delicious, handcrafted espresso shots while protecting it from dust and other damage.


Internal Dimensions: 17.20" x 12.60" x 6.10" (437mm × 320mm × 155mm)

External Dimensions: 18.90" x 14.88" x 6.50" (480mm × 378mm × 165mm)


Weight without foam: 5.35 lbs (2.43 kg)

Weight with foam: 6.08 lbs (2.76 kg)

Buy Flair's Hard Travel Case to bring your Flair 58, 58x or 58 Plus anywhere you want to brew delicious, handcrafted shots of espresso while protecting it from dust, dings and other damages.

weight 6.2 lbs
Dimension 19 × 15 × 7 in

Inner Dimensions: 17.20in x 12.60in x 6.10in (437mm × 320mm × 155mm)
Outer Dimensions: 18.90in x 14.88in x 6.50in (480mm × 378mm × 165mm)


Weight Without Foam: 5.35lbs (2.43kg)
Weight With Foam: 6.08 lbs (2.76 kg)

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