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Big Bang IMS precision filter basket 54 mm h25.5 e.g. for Sage and Breville

Big Bang IMS precision filter basket 54 mm h25.5 e.g. for Sage and Breville

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Big Bang IMS precision filter basket 54 mm h25.5 for e.g. B. for Sage and Breville

Latest innovation from IMS

The IMS Big Bang Filter is the latest innovation from the Italian manufacturer IMS. It is specially designed for bottomless portafilters and has an innovative hole pattern that specifically directs the espresso flow.

Central holes for even extraction

The filter has 585 holes concentrated towards the center. This distributes the espresso evenly across the entire filter and optimizes the extraction.

Sweeter espressos

The IMS Big Bang filter emphasizes the sweetness of the coffee. This is because the even extraction prevents the acid from becoming prominent.

Prevent channeling

The hole pattern of the IMS Big Bang filter prevents channeling. Channeling is a problem that can occur with bottomless portafilters. It occurs when the espresso is not distributed evenly across the filter and instead concentrates in individual channels. This can result in a bitter or sour espresso.

Technical data

  • Suitable for Breville and Sage 54mm group head machines
  • For 53-53.5mm tamper
  • Ridgeless (without bridge)
  • Holes: 585
  • Height: 27.5mm
  • Capacity: 18-23g


The IMS Big Bang filter is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy an aromatic and sweet espresso. It is also suitable for beginners as it facilitates extraction and prevents canalization.

We recommend not using the IMS Big Bang Filter with lemony (light) coffee as it has sweetened espresso and can alter the properties

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